Hobohemia: Homeless City exhibition is heading to Brno.
Opening of the exhibition Hobohemia: The Homeless City starts today at 4,30 PM in the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Hobohemia: The Homeless City exhibiton is to be seen on Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (24th - 29th October2017) at Municipality of Jihlava (Masarykovo Nám. 97/1).
A new issue of the Acko magazine has just been released.
Our first project-related paper came out! We wish you a nice Sunday reading.
On Saturday 16th of September from 1 to 9 PM visit our Hobohemia: The Homeless City exhibition on the occasion of Zažít podmostí jinak under Hlavkuv bridge (Prague 7).
You can see our exhibition "Hobohemia: The Homeless City" at the Povalec festival in Valec near Karlovy Vary (until 5th August).
Another presentation of the results of our RDS survey: Petr Vasat answers questions asked by
"If you live with no job for long time, somewhere in lodging house, or even on the street, the idea, that he´ll work 40 hours a week in some factory from day to day, is completely utopic," says Pet
Petr Vašát has summarized the findings from our quantitative survey in the Czech Television broadcast.
Our results of RDS survey show that an important mechanism of housing loss are debts.
From today until Saturday 10th June, you can see a part of our HOBOhemia: The Homeless City exhibition at Science Fair in the exhibition grounds Letnany,
If somebody missed the "Hobohemia: The Homeless City" exhibition in Hybernska in Prague, there will be a plenty of occasions to see it all over the Czech Republic.
This week, we finished 3rd round of GPS tracking, 16 paths in Prague and 13 in Pilsen.
Summer is approaching and conference-time as well. This year, we will present our results at very interesting places.
Take a look at photos from Monday´s vernissage of the Hobohemia: město bezdomovců exhibition.  Exhibition c
On 13th April 2017, article about The HOBOhemia: The Homeless City exhibition and about long-term respondent of the project Mr.
For the first time, as a part of the Week of Diversity festival, you can see an exhibition of photos taken by homeless people participating in our photovice
We have started the third year of the Hobohemia project and we can see that when looking at the table of the principal investigator Petr Vašát. It´s time to clean up :)
Do you want to know what have we discovered in our photovoice data? Here is a piece of result from our paper that will be published this year in the Czech Sociological Review.
Since yesterday, you can find the documentary Sleep well on the website of the Czech TV.
What does home mean?
Petr Vašát, the coordinator of the HOBOhemia team, co-organises a colloquium “Society and Networks“ on Monday December 12 2016 at the Faculty of social studies, Masaryk University.
Have you lived in children´s home?
Mr Vaclav, one of our key informants, in the last episode of the Poverty in Czechia series.
Are you interested in the punitive turn of current cities? Are you interested in what might be the uniqueness of Czech cities?
With some difficulties, but still done! The second round of GPS tracking started in Pilsen yesterday - we disseminated nine trackers.
"Homeless people have become a firm part of Czech cities. They live on busy streets, shopping streets or junctions. We can see them when travelling for work or school.
Our HOBOhemia colleague Petr Gibas organizes on Monday November 31 in Prague a public debate on the nature of current cities.
On Friday October 28 2016, Petr Vašát will have a lecture on homelessness and architecture in post-socialist cities for PhD students at the University of Coimbra.
"And you belive you´ll get them back?" (informant)"We do." (researcher) The week of GPS tracking is over: 15 devices back, 1 lost. Not bad, what do you think?
Zažít město jinak - Pod Hlávkovým mostem P7 je successfully behind us. A great event, we were glad to be a part of it. See enclosed several our photos from it.
On Monday 19th Semptember we started the second round of GPS tracking in Prague today. Altogether, we had distributed 16 loggers in the course of the day which will get back next Tuesday.
As a part of Zažít město jinak (Best of Different City Experience), you can meet us under the Hlávkův bridge on Saturday 17.
HOBOhemia team member Martin Šimon is going to the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society.
It´s done! :) Today, after eight weeks, we have concluded our RDS survey in Prague. We have altogether 468 questionnaires (322 from Prague, 146 from Pilsen).
The survey in Prague continues. Today, we have started our 7th week.
“The main result of this is the size of the city is a key role in everydayness and everything, because in Pilsen everything is more community based.
We have started unique RDS (Respondent Driven Sampling) questionnaire survey this week.
We have concluded three rounds of the testing of our questionnaire with 18 informants in total.
On time, space and homelessness ... the HOBOhemia project on Radio Wave.
We participated in a small international symposium about time and timing of activities at the Institute of Philosophy, CAS.
The first round of survey testing behind us. Nine interviews today – thanks all for coming.
We prepare launching of another research activity – in the Czech Republic less known RDS (respondent-driven sampling) survey. We have just finished the first draft of the questionnaire.
Mr. Václav, one of our informants, starts his tours for Pragulic on Wednesday. Whoever is interested, see registration below. We wish him good luck!
It seems that we are going to travel a lot this year. They accepted another abstract from us this week.
We have received on Thursday 24th March, right before Easter, a kind letter from inprisonment!
Yesterday, they accepted our abstract for Moving Cities: Contested Views on Urban Life conference organised by the European Sociological Association RN37 in Krakow.
On Monday 25h January we started with a new research technique – the GPS tracking.
A bit of looking back at the end of the year…in this project year, we conducted more than 50 in-depth interviews with homeless persons, generated the same number of personal networks, collected ove
Published on Friday, in bookstores now – Na/o kraji: Kraje a jejich představitelé 2000-2013 / Regions in the margins: Regions and their representatives 2000-2013.
We were co-organizing with Katedra sociologie Filosofické fakulty UK a IIPS - International Institute of Political Science a meeting of scholars interested in social network analysis yesterday (SNA
The conference "Time/s of cities", that was already announced, will be held in November. For the first time, we will present results of analysis of all pictures collected during last three month.
„I feel at home at least in seven households, but I never cross the line, 10 days are optimal.“ (male, over 50 years old)
In June, there will be a next Sunbelt conference of the INSNA. This time in Brighton. Our abstract named “Personal Networks of Homeless in Post-socialistic City” was accepted yesterday.
We have organised collection of things for homeless people at the Institute of Sociology, CAS. Thanks to all.
We have just come back from the meeting, where the key role played expert from the street.